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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facebook Holds Employees to Declining Stock

With Facebook’s stock trading at $17.73 a share just after Labor Day 2012, down more than half from the IPO issue-price of $38, further downward pressure was anticipated due to the upcoming expirations of the lock-up. Employees would be able to cash in approximately 220 million shares at the end of October, 780 million shares in mid-November, and still more in December and then in the following May 2013. Experts were not putting much stock in Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to hold onto his options for at least a year. Rather than trying to assess the impact of the downward pressure on where the price might go, a business ethicist would be apt to notice a subtle point of fairness by class pertaining to when the options can be sold.

The full essay is at "Taking the Face Off Facebook."