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Subjects & Topics

                           The essays draw on the following disciplines:

1.       Economics
a.       Macroeconomics
b.      International Economics
c.       Political Economics

2.       Political Science
a.       Political Theory
b.      Comparative Politics
c.       (International) Political Economy

3.       Philosophy
a.       Moral Philosophy & Ethics
b.      Political Philosophy
c.       Ancient & Early Modern Philosophy

4.       Government
a.       The European Union                     
b.      The United States
c.       Public Finance

5.       Law
a.       Constitutional Law
b.      Corporate Law
c.       Comparative Law

6.       Business
a.       Organizational Studies
b.      Business, Government & Society
c.       Business Ethics

    The following topics receive particular emphasis:

1.       Federalism (e.g., E.U. and U.S.)
2.       Leadership vs. Management
3.       Conflicts of Interest
4.       Political Leadership & Ethics
5.       Ethical Leadership in Business
6.       Corporate Social Responsibility
7.       European Integration
8.       Democracy & Corporate Capitalism
9.       Leadership Theory
10.   Democratic Development & Human Rights
11.   Economic Inequality
12.   Religious Principles in Business Leadership
13.   Corporate Lobbying & Regulation
14.   Business Ethics
15.   Corporate Governance
16.   The (International) Financial System: Systemic Risk
17.   Business & Public Policy