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Proofreading and Editing Service


·         Spelling, grammar, format mistakes, and punctuation
·         Comparing a revised manuscript against the original, marked-up copy 

$2 per page

Copy/Line Editing: 
·         Spelling and punctuation 
·         General grammar issues, such as sentence structure, noun/verb agreement, parallel construction, etc.
·         Correct word use (e.g., pore vs. poor vs. pour; it’s vs. its)
·         Consistent terminology (e.g., does the author hyphenate a word in some places but not in others?)
·         Consistent use of numerical terms, numbers, dates, etc. (e.g., does the author say "11 PM" in one sentence and "12:00 a.m." in the next?)
·         Redundancies (e.g., does the author say, “10 a.m. in the morning”?)

$2.50 per page

Content Editing:
·         Content and style
o    If nonfiction, is the material accurate (to the best of the editor's knowledge)? Does it answer the questions a reader would expect to be answered?
    • Is the writing clear and easy to understand by the audience for whom it is intended? (If the editor has difficulty understanding the manuscript, a reader may have difficulty as well.)
    • Does the material flow in a logical, orderly manner?
    • Is spelling correct and consistent? (Is a character referred to as “John” in one instance and “Jon” in another?) If abbreviations and acronyms are used, are they consistent? Will the reader know the meaning of technical terms and acronyms or do they need to be explained?
$ 3 per page

All project quotes are based on standard manuscript submission format: 8 1/2" x 11" page, double-spaced, 1" margins all around, 12 point standard font, appropriate header, and page numbers centered at the bottom.

After the first round of proofreading, editing or copywriting is submitted to author for approval, a second round will be provided at no extra charge. Third round and beyond will be billed at usual fee.

For additional information or to submit a project, please send an email to gggg200000c@gmail.com