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Friday, June 10, 2011

Word-Games Obfuscating Scottish Secession

Following the Scottish National Party’s victory in the Scottish regional elections in Britain (typically used as synonymous with United Kingdom), the question of whether the E.U. state of Britain would or should be partitioned received a lot of press. Plenty of word-games were in the mix. “Scottish National Party” alone is problematic, as Scotland is not recognized as a nation or a nation-state, as it is in Britain. If a specific cultural identity alone is sufficient to connote national, then the word should not be used to refer to a polity being a sovereign country. Incidentally, referring to Scotland as a country is misleading, as the region is not sovereign. Even Britain, being a semi-sovereign state in the E.U., is only a country (and nation) if Virginia and California are so as well, as they are also semi-sovereign states in a union. 

The complete essay is at Essays on Two Federal Empires.