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Monday, July 1, 2013

Starbucks: Behind the Bar

Sometimes, as though the planets were to suddenly align, a coincidence occurs that so marvels the mind that one cannot help but wonder whether something more is involved in some larger picture. Such is the case for me today regarding the illustrious Starbucks company. A story in the Wall Street Journal so fits what I want to write about that I cannot help but wonder if my message were meant to spread. In short, my story involves Starbucks warming milk and the Journal's involves the company cooling it. It is as if yin and yang were finally in balance, and yet I find myself in a state of disequilibrium with that company. Chaos theory tells us that order and chaos can indeed coexist. Perhaps this is the nature of life itself, or at least human society.

                                                                    Charging More for "Customized" Drinks
Is Starbucks short-changing itself in being too petty in charging customers for "extras?"     Image Source: Bloomberg